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Meet the Team of Bauer Batteries

Dr. Nina Bauer

Purchasing / Sales / Strategy -Nina takes care of regular and new customers or leads the strategic development.  After work, Nina can usually be found at her horse Rhodi. She joined Bauer in 2013.

+49 8546 9756314

Johannes Bauer

Purchasing / Sales / Strategy - In his free time, John leads the local fire brigade, fighting fires and ensuring rapid safety measures in the case of accidents. Is this the reason for its speed in handling the needs of his customers? He joined Bauer in 2000.

+49 8546 9756312

Hermann Bauer

Founder - You likely find Hermann working in the forest with his old-timer tractors. In the business he regularly brings in ideas from his startup spirit. He takes inspiration from his passion for reading and walking. Hermann started his photo wholesale in 1981.

+49 8546 975630

Gudrun Pressl

Sales Germany - Gudrun is responsible for the specialized trade and knows the right solution for every customer problem thanks to her many years of experience. She joined Bauer in 1991.

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Kristin Linss

Customer support - Kristin is one of the most popular contact partners for our customers, because she has an outstanding amount of dedication towards helping her valued customers. She joined Bauer in 2010.

+49 8546 9756313

Petra Oheim

Customer care - Our cheerful employee, who ensures that our customers can continue to work with content and in a happy mood. Known as "Measurement Queen" in the warehouse since she often answers questions concerning the dimensions of goods and packaging for her customers. She joined Bauer in 2017.

+49 8546 9756319

Ursula Wieland

Accounting - Ursula ("Uschi") ensures that the figures are correctly managed in the company, or that suppliers and customers are optimally supported in accounting questions. She joined Bauer in 2014.

Carola Bauer

Office organization - Thanks to Carola all employees can work efficiently and contentedly. She manages the bulding complex and gives the company a familiar atmosphere with her paintings which she made by herself.

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Michael Kinateder

Working student IT - Michael handles the IT infrastructure, website design and digital concerns of employees. As a student of business informatics, he is perfectly equipped for this. He joined Bauer in 2017.

+49 8546 9756321

Josef Wandl

Warehouse Manager - Efficient storage and organization is the responsibility of our warehouse team. Sepp keeps an overview by ensuring that the goods arrive in a safe, clean and professional packaging at the customer. He joined Bauer in 1998.

Roland Hiesbauer

Warehousing - Among other things, the incoming and outgoing goods are monitored by Roland. As a result, everything has its correctness - what the customer orders, lands as desired in the package, on the pallet or, if desired, on a container. He joined Bauer in 2009.

Josef Kainz

Warehousing/ Facility maintenance - Josef manages all issues concerning machines and the building. Through his craftsmanship, he ensures that everything runs optimally in the warehouse as well as in our office. He joined Bauer in 2012.

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