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You can count on in time delivery, fair prices, a large range of products - for example Rayovac batteries - if you work together with Hermann Bauer GmbH.  The articles shown below give just a small view of the products which we can offer to you. Send us your enquiry and we will convince you with our service and prices!

Acoustic Special

  • RAYOVAC 4610 Acoustic 10 BL6
  • RAYOVAC 4606 Acoustic 13 BL6
  • RAYOVAC 4607 Acoustic 312 BL6
  • RAYOVAC 4600 Acoustic 675 BL6

Extra Advanced

Rayovac Extra Advanced
  • RAYOVAC Extra Advanced   10 BL6
  • RAYOVAC Extra Advanced   13 BL6
  • RAYOVAC Extra Advanced 312 BL6
  • RAYOVAC Extra Advanced 675 BL6

Hearing Aid

  • RAYOVAC 4610 Hearing Aid 10 BL8
  • RAYOVAC 4606 Hearing Aid 13 BL8
  • RAYOVAC 4607 Hearing Aid 312 BL8
  • RAYOVAC 4600 Hearing Aid 675 BL8


Rayovac Implant
  • RAYOVAC Cochlear Advanced 675 BL12

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