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Our customers can purchase the latest models of the brand Osram fairly priced at every time.  Beside the brand Osram we have a wide range of other well-known battery brands. Contact us and our service will convince you!

Osram automotive lamps

Osram Autolampen
  • OSRAM 64150 H1 Standard 12V 55W P14,5S BL1
  • OSRAM 64150NBP H1 Nightbreaker 55W 12V P14,5S BL2
  • OSRAM 64193 H4 Standard 12V 60/55W P14,5S BL1
  • OSRAM 64193NBP H4 Nightbreaker 12V 60/55W P43T BL2
  • OSRAM 64210 H7 Standard 12V 55W PX26D BL1
  • OSRAM 64210NBP H7 Nightbreaker 12V 55W PX26D BL2
  • OSRAM 2825 Klar W5W 12V 5W W2, 1x9,5d Standlicht   BL2
  • OSRAM 5007 Standard Klar mit Metal Sockel 12V 5W BA15S Standlicht  BL2
  • OSRAM 5008 Klar 12V 10W BA15S Kennzeichenlampe BL2
  • OSRAM 7507 orange 12V 21W BAU15S Blinkerlampe  BL2
  • OSRAM 7506 Standard Klar 12V 21W BA15s  Blinkerlampe BL2
  • OSRAM 7528 Standard Klar 12V 21/5W BAY15d   Bremsleuchte BL2
  • OSRAM 6418 C5W 12V BL2
  • OSRAM 7225 P21 / 4W BL2

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