Bauer batteries – your specialist in battery wholesale – also offers the latest models of Eveready lighting and great prices. Test us and get to know our quality of service! We carry the complete ranges of all renowned battery brands worldwide. If you have special requests, please contact us: we look forward to helping you. The following products by Eveready show a selection from our range.


GLS - Glühlampen matt

GLS - Glühlampen matt
  • 5794 GLS matt E27 40W
  • 5795 GLS matt E27 60W
  • 5797 GLS matt E27 100W

GLS - Glühlampen clear

GLS - Glühlampen clear
  • 7008 GLS clear E27 40W
  • 7009 GLS clear E27 60W
  • 7389 GLS clear E27 100W

Candle clear

Candle clear
  • 737 Candle clear E14 25W
  • 753 Candle clear E14 40W
  • 769 Candle clear E14 60W
  • 729 Candle clear E27 25W
  • 745 Candle clear E27 40W
  • 761 Candle clear E27 60W

Candle matt

Candle matt
  • 739 Candle matt E14 25W
  • 755 Candle matt E14 40W
  • 771 Candle matt E14 60W

Golf clear

Golf clear
  • 915 Golf clear E14 25W
  • 931 Golf clear E14 40W
  • 947 Golf clear E14 60W
  • 907 Golf clear E27 25W
  • 923 Golf clear E27 40W
  • 939 Golf clear E27 60W

Golf matt

Golf matt
  • 917 Golf matt E14 25W
  • 933 Golf matt E14 40W
  • 949 Golf matt E14 60W
  • 909 Golf matt E27 25W
  • 925 Golf matt E27 40W
  • 941 Golf matt E27 60W

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