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Energizer Batteries

Simple and cheap battery solutions that can score through innovation and connectivity. High brand awareness since the Energizer batteries are present in more than 160 countries. 

Energizer Flashlights

Lamps from Energizer: the company invented 1898 the world's first flashlight. Today Energizer is the leading brand of portable lamps and therefore very popular with consumers.

Energizer Light Bulbs

We can offer you lamps as well: LEDs and halogen light bulbs in various shapes , lighting levels and different types of glass . We always pack our goods shatterproof and resistant.

Eveready Batteries

Another brand from the Manufacturer Energizer Holdings. Powerful batteries at a very reasonable price. Great value-for-money ratio for your customers.



Duracell makes high quality batteries for every demand – find the whole range available


Varta delivers reliable energy for all your uses – large stock for immediate delivery


Panasonic specializes in battery technology for multiple needs - competitively priced


Energizer batteries, for durability and full energy – always fresh goods in our warehouse