Clearance list

Currently we can offer the following products at sale prices, updated on October 19, 2016:

  • 400 DURACELL Stay Charged HR03 AAA BL4 850mAh EAN 5000394045118    
    Price: 4,44€/BL

  • VARTA High Energy 4912 4,5V BL1
    500 pieces in stock

  • ENERGIZER Power Plus HR6 AA 2000mAH BL4
    360 pieces in stock

  • PANASONIC Lithium CR2032 BL6 
    7.000 pieces in stock
    Price upon request

  • VARTA Lithium 6117 101 301 CR AA 3V         
    10 pieces in stock
    Price: 3,00€/Piece

  • VARTA 57646 101 451 Mini Charger
    incl. 2xAA 56706 2100mAh 
    17 pieces in stock
    Price: 4,50€/Piece

  • VARTA 57646 201 421 Mini Charger
    incl. 2xAAA 56703 800mAh
    17 pieces in stock
    Price: 4,20€/Piece

  • DURACELL Tough Solid SLD-10 excl. 2xC          
    12 pieces in stock  
    Price: 9,90€/Piece   

Duracell makes high quality batteries for every demand – find the whole range available


Varta delivers reliable energy for all your uses – large stock for immediate delivery


Panasonic specializes in battery technology for multiple needs - competitively priced


Energizer batteries, for durability and full energy – always fresh goods in our warehouse