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Clearance list

Currently we can offer the following products at sale prices, updated on July 21, 2017:

  • ENERGIZER 631525 LED Multi Use Clip-Light
    incl. 2xCR2032
    10 pieces in stock
    Price: 3,40€/piece

  • ENERGIZER 300695500 Kids Headlight LED Twin Pack
    incl. 4x2032
    119 pieces in stock
    Price: 6,20€/piece

  • PANASONIC Lithium Power CR-V3 BL1
    Best before 01/2023
    20 blisters in stock
    Price: 5,00€/Blister

  • DURACELL Plus Power MN1500 AA 12+4 
    Price upon request

  • DURACELL Plus Power MN2400 AAA BL12+4
    Price upon request

  • PANASONIC Lithium CR1220 BL5
    Best before 12/2027
    200 blisters in stock
    Price: 2,50€/blister

  • PANASONIC Lithium CR1616 BL5
    Best before 12/2026
    200 blisters in stock
    Price: 1,25€/blister

  • VARTA 18700 Indestructible 1W LED Light incl. 3xAAA 
    150 pieces in stock
    Price: 8,60 €/piece

  • DURACELL Basic MN1300 D BL2
    1500 blisters in stock
    Price upon request

  • VARTA 56714 R2U C 3000mAh BL2    
    30 blisters in stock
    with damaged writing on the back
    Price: 3,80€/blister

  • VARTA 56756 R2U AA 2400mAh BL2    
    10 blisters in stock
    with damaged writing on the back
    Price: 3,00€/blister

  • VARTA Lithium 6231 V28PXL BL1   
    70 blisters in stock
    with damaged writing on the back
    Price: 2,50€/blister

  • DURACELL Plus Power MN1604 9V BL2
    70 Blisters in stock
    Price: 2,60€/BL



  • PANASONIC Lithium CR 2354 20-bulk
    70 pieces in stock
    Price: 0,70€/Piece

  • SONY Lithium CR2450 BL5
    250 blisters in stock

  • AVIDE LED Slim FloodLight IP65 50W 4500lm NW 4000K  ABSFLNW-50W
    11 pieces in stock
    Price: 19,60€/Piece

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