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Battery wholesale Bauer

Fast, reliable, low-priced: your battery wholesale since 1981.

Our large warehouse is fully stocked with all common batteries. The battery distributor Bauer carries all brands like Duracell, Varta, Energizer, Panasonic, Philips, Maxell, Sanyo, Rayovac, Eveready, Kodak and Ultralife. The battery specialists at Bauer maintain a large stock and carry the complete product ranges to ensure the highest availability.

  • Fresh Stock & latest Design
  • All brands available from our warehouse
  • Simple ordering by email or phone
  • Orders until 1 pm are sent out the same day
  • 500 € minimum order value
  • Worldwide shipping by parcel service & forwarding companies

Get to know the experts in battery distribution to the German, European and overseas wholesale and specialized trade. Use one supplier to order all your batteries and get the best prices, professional service, and a reliable and fast delivery.

Buy directly from wholesale

Our high purchasing volumes and optimal store structure allow our low prices and fast processing of your order.

Through long-standing experience and the thus gained reputation Hermann Bauer GmbH can guarantee a maximum of availability and reliability. In combination with our wide range of leading producers, Hermann Bauer GmbH is your competent partner. Do you have any questions for us as a battery wholesale? We look forward to your inquiry.

Whether you look for Varta BatteriesDuracell BatteriesPanasonic Batteries or Energizer Batteries – in the battery distribution of Hermann Bauer GmbH you find batteries of the leading battery producers worldwide and therefore the right product for your needs. The team of experts on battery wholesale around Hermann Bauer, situated in Tiefenbach near Passau in Bavaria, together with its reliable logistics partners, processes your order the same day if received until 1 pm.

We are proud of our reputation for competitive prices, customer service, quality and long term business relations in battery wholesale. 

Drop-Shipping: Send your order directly from us to your customer, in neutral packaging and including your delivery note.

Our experiences allows us to keep costs to a minimum and pass on savings to our customers.

Our large warehouse

Our inventory includes button cells, standard alkaline batteries, watch batteries, hearing aid batteries and even chargers and flashlights of the battery manufacturers of all kinds.

Hermann Bauer, founder and director, emphasizes the personal service in trading with batteries: "For us, every customer is treated individually. Especially with batteries the priorities and objectives of the client’s application are very different. To meet all requirements, we supply all brands, all product categories and packaging options. Thus all our customers find the right products at an affordable price. The satisfaction of our customers is our success in battery wholesale. " Convince yourself of our performance, order today the required batteries. Please contact us - whether through the contact form, email, phone or fax: we look forward to hearing from you.

 Hermann, Nina and Johannes Bauer 

in the Bauer warehouse

Hermann BAUER GmbH

Niedernhart 1 a
94113 Tiefenbach

Fon +49 8546 97563-0
Fax +49 8546 97563-50


Download our current Product Catalogue!

Duracell makes high quality batteries for every demand – find the whole range available


Varta delivers reliable energy for all your uses – large stock for immediate delivery


Panasonic specializes in battery technology for multiple needs - competitively priced


Energizer batteries, for durability and full energy – always fresh goods in our warehouse


We can supply you with the following FUJIFILM Instax Mini product variants:

  • FUJIFILM Instax Mini
  • FUJIFILM Instax Mini Monochrome

The standard version of the Instax series creates lively and colorful instant photographs and is the best sold instant photo paper among the community of hobby photographers.

In addition, we have the printable Instax Monochrome films, which have been available on the market since October 2016 and are able to deliver crisp instant images for authentic footage.




The black and white images of the Instax Mini Monochrome series provide a touch of vintage feeling especially when used for artistic motives, fashion or street photography.

These instant films (46 (B) x 62 (H) mm), which are already very popular in the online trade, are available for you as a distributor - just let us make an offer for you. We are looking forward to your contact!



Experience in the market – our customers’ advantage

For over three decades, Hermann Bauer GmbH has focused on battery wholesale for commercial customers. After beginning with the brand Duracell, we have expanded our product range with brands like Varta, Energizer, Panasonic, Philips, Maxell, Sanyo, Rayovac, Eveready, Eneloop, Kodak and Ultralife. Over 30 years of experience make us specialists in battery sales with customer satisfaction as our top priority.

Our customers receive professional service in line with their individual needs. Retailers with preferences for certain brands as well as industrial clients with specialized uses, find a wide range of batteries at competitive prices.

Whether batteries of the type:

  • Round Cells
  • Button Cells
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Watch Batteries
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Flashlights

- In the wholesale of Hermann Bauer GmbH you will find all products of the leading battery manufacturers and therefore the right energy cells for your needs.

The Battery Export for Commercial Traders

We are directed at other battery distributors nationally and internationally. Hermann Bauer GmbH, in its function as a battery distribution, only sells to commercial traders like other battery wholesale businesses all over the world, or the specialized trade. Our reputation as a reliable, fast, and inexpensive battery wholesale company has been growing with every new satisfied customer.

Wide range: Rechargeable batteries

You can also order rechargeable batteries and chargers of all renowned manufacturers in addition to Alkaline & Lithium batteries. Whether you are a battery supplier for the industry or trading for retailers, Ready2Use battery cells in the blister and loose variants can be found with us as your supplier.

In the field of chargers we offer a wide selection: We carry in our accumulator section Portable Power Charger, Power Packs, Pocket Charger, Mini Charger and Plug Charger.

Using our excellent infrastructure and optimum storage capacities, we keep costs low and at the same time the quality level high. The high purchase volume and short turnaround times at Bauer Batteries always guarantee fresh goods at reasonable prices.

Have you questions about our product range? We look forward to your inquiry and will gladly make you an offer!

Battery Experts from Germany

Bauer has over 30 years of experience in the wholesale and distribution of batteries in Germany, Europe, and overseas. The dedicated team at Bauer makes sure that every client receives a personal service, with the products that meet their demand, high availability, fresh goods, reliable delivery, and a great choice of products. To the battery expert Bauer service quality means: Knowledgeable employees answer your request fast and professionally. The trained warehouse staff packs your order securely. And of course the batteries always carry the latest validity date, unless otherwise specified. A variety of packaging like blisters, shrink and bulk give the customer a true choice to order specifically what they want.